Jan. 1st, 2007

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well happy 2007 everyone.  i hate having to remember a new date to write on things. 

i went out last night.  jay and i went and got dinner and then headed over to a party.  tim lived there and some friends of jays. and there were some other people.  everyone was nice and funny.  there was food and we watched real genius.  i paddled people and listened to people talk and petted kitty cats and got in a bed with a billion other people to hang out and tickled and poked people.  and i wasnt socially incompetent.  i admit i didnt add a lot to the conversations but i didnt sulk or hide or freeze up so thats better than nothing.  and i had a nice time.  and peter came over late in the evening and joined us.  that was nice.  i was already having a good time but it always improves things to have him around. 

peter and i talked after the party about the arguement we had had earlier.  and i feel better.  then we went to his place and cuddled up and slept.  and i lay in his arms and watched him sleep.  and i listened to him babble nonsense in his sleep.  in the morning i left and went home and we talked about the difference between what hed asked me for and what he wanted.  he had asked me to not cuddle him in the morning, be less clingy, and leave when the light went on in the morning.  so the light went on and i got up and dressed and left.  apparently he wants something in between me just leaving and us cuddling in bed all day.  we will work it out. 

i love peter. he makes me happy. 


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