Jan. 8th, 2007

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i went to my 9am stats class.  the teacher seems nice, laid back, and he explains everything slowly and repeatedly.  but its  a good thing he does.  cuz there are no math teachers from this country.  they dont exsist.  he has a very thick accent.  i can barely make out what hes saying, when i can.  but i think ill be alright.

went to the bank, paid all my bills, made a therapy appointment, made an intake appointment for the disability office, and studied my drivers manual.

then i went to poetry.  i think this is going to be my harder class.  il need to work with different forms that im not used to, do critiques, write papers, do research, memorize poems, and most of all speak up in class.  give opinions and read poetry aloud and give verbal critiques.  this is really going to test me.  i want to take the class but its going to be hard. 

met with colin afterwards.  we had lunch and then we went to my place.  we cleaned for a few hours.  he got through most of my dishes and we took the tree down and threw it out.  put away the xmas stuff.  and i worked on cleaning the main room.  i still have some work to do but we got  thorugh a lot of it.  he was a big help. 

then i went to work for my 2 hour pre closing shift.  matt is nice.  i liked working with him.  did my job and went home.  wasnt so bad.  wasnt as tiring as a closing shift.  matt recognized me.  he went to lincoln.  he was friends with lawton.  he knew i stabbed him.  it was strange.  he didnt hold it against me though. 

im tired. 


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