Feb. 2nd, 2007

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im so pissed off right now. im probably going to be fired because of that bitch anne. my job is to go in for 2 hours and do a list of chores to make the place cleaner. she says she wants to do the list while i make sandwiches and when there arent customers i can work on the list too. well it doesnt get done in the 2 hours when we do that. she takes a lot longer doing things on the list than i do. then she says i work slow. and tells me to stay late. when things arent done a half hour after my shift and im still making sandwiches while she sits and eats and reads a magazine thats not my fault. so i said no i wasnt staying longer to finish the work. and so im getting written up. because i didnt finish the list of stuff.

first off im supposed to get as much done in 2 hours as i can then go, not stay late. also im not supposed to make sandwiches unless theres a big line. that is the job description. go in, do the list, leave. instead im making sandwiches while shes doing the list, and im doing the list. and its not getting done. thats not my fault.

on the other nights i work i get all but maybe 1 or 2 things done by myself without the other person to help. but im not making food for 3/4 of the time im there either.

she says i work too slow. if that were true the list would be getting half done on my other shifts. its not.

so in conclusion: fuck her.
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this whole day has sucked. nothing has gone right. im losing everything except school. i dont like this life. i want a different one.


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