Feb. 24th, 2007

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hung out with colin today. we watched clerks and went to lloyd center. then i hungout with joe who i hadnt seen since my birthday party. we went to target and then got mexican food.

freaks and geeks is a good show. i cant believe it got canceled so quickly.
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i did nothing today. which always makes me feel crappy. on top of that i slept until 4pm. my sleep schedule is so fucked. im bored today. my something positive logo shirt came in the mail. woohoo. im gonna be the coolest kid in school except no one is gonna know what the fuck something positive is. im not doing anything. ive talked with some people online. i was looking at lego star wars II for the ds. totally want it. looks like fun. im out of mini muffins again. not sure if im going to hive tomorrow night. maybe i should. tried to chat with peter but he was not doing well. wanted to help but he didnt want my help. he doesnt trust me. hes always there for me but whenever hes not doing well he avoids me and goes to someone else. maybe this means i shouldnt have him be there for me. that sort of inequality can be bad. i dont know. i miss talking to him like we did when we first started talking. everything got so messed up by the end. but it started off well. dont know where i went wrong. bet i can guess though. whish my next set of netflix were here.


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