Mar. 29th, 2007

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so today after seeing tom for like a half hour i went to the bookstore and got my textbook and notebooks for next term. then i had some pizza and went to get my haircut. i also went to the store. but more about the haircut. its horrible. i wish i had more of a backbone. i woulda told her it sucked and to fix it. instead i paid and left. she didnt even remotely do what i asked her to. it looks awful. so i called my mom. told her i cant go to school this way. so she said we can have it fixed this weekend. in the meantime i am so unhappy. grr. grr arg. dammit. i look retarded.
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i made a new friend on sunday. my friend leanne's brother john. we went to saturday market and looked around and ate an elephant ear. then we went and bugged leanne. then we went to finnigans. and we went to his place and i opened my belated xmas gift from leanne. its a hello kitty toaster. it toasts the image of hello kitty on everything i toast. you know what this means kiddies! i get to consume hello kittys soul. yay! then john and i went to lloyd center but it was closing so we went to toys r us. and we ran around and i found something ill have to go back and get. i shoulda gotten it. its an inflatable pirate ship with a ball pit in it. yay. then we went to target. and he got me a nerf gun. then we went and had steak. cow and weapons. thats a good night. we had a good time.

that night tim and i went to hive. had fun. danced. hung out. met a guy. had a girl tell me im cute. and tim, oh tim. tim was drunk. and he started dancing with this woman. and then they made out. and she was nasty. and she was annoying. and she was 53! tim is 23. eww. eww. eeeeeeewwwwwwwww!

on wednesday bunny got fixed. poor guy. doesnt even have a name and his manhood has been taken. he is still recovering. hes calm and sad and nutless. poor boy.


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