Apr. 14th, 2007

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Starting Time: 325 am
Name: ashley
Sisters: 0
Brothers: 3
Shoe size: 8-9
Height: 5'3"
What are you wearing right now? batman jammie pants, penguin jammie top, pink fuzzy robe, purple fuzzy socks
Favorite Number: 23
Favorite Drink: hot:hot cocoa, cold:coke or apple juice
Favorite Breakfast: blueberry pancakes and pepper bacon
***********Have You Ever*****************

Bungee jumped? nooooooo
Gone skinny diving? Skinny dipping..?nope
Loved someone so much it made you cry? yes
Broken a bone? no
Been in a police car? yeah
Been on a plane? yes
Came close to dying? no
Been in a sauna? yes
Been in a hot tub? yes
Swam in the ocean? yes
Fallen asleep in school? no
Broken someone's heart? yes
Cried when someone died? no
Cried in school? yeah
Fell off your chair? hehe yep
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call you: ya
Saved e-mails? yes
Been cheated on? no

***********What is-****************

Your room like: i live in a studio so its the whole apartment really. its messy, lots of toys around, lots of posters and stuff.
Whats right beside you: a wall with a window
Left: wall
Right: floor

*********** Ever Had ***********

Chicken pox: yes
Sore throat: yes
Stitches: no

*********** Do You ***********

Believe in love at first sight: no
Like picnics: yeah
Like school:yeah most of the time
Like crazy hardcore sex: sometimes

*********** Questions ***********

Who was the last person you called: tim
Who was the last person you danced with: tim prolly
Who makes you smile: my bunny!
*********** Who ***********

Did you last yell at: tim
Do you like filling these out: sometimes
Do you wear contacts or glasses: glasses
Do you like yourself: not really

*********** Final Questions ***********

What are you listening to right now: my soda making fizzy noises
What did you do today?: slept and went to tims party
Hated someone in your family? yes
What car do you wish to have: not sure
Where do you want to get married? outside
Good driver: i dont know how to drive
Good singer: not sure
Diamond or pearl: black pearl
Are you oldest: oldest what? no
Indoors or outdoors: indoors

*********** Today did you ***********
Talk to someone you like: yeah
Buy something: soda
Cry?: no
Sing: no
Talk to an ex: yes
Miss someone: yeah

*********** Last person who ***********

Was in your bed?: me
Saw you cry?: peter?
Made you cry?: peter
Went to the movies with?: tim and colin
You went to the mall with?: john (yay build a bear)

*********** Random ***********

Ever been in a fight with your pet?: yes
Been to Mexico: no
Been to Canada: no
Been to Africa: no
Do you have a crush on someone?: heehee wouldnt you like to know
What books are you reading right now?: the third his dark materials book...still
Best feeling in the world?: dunno
Future kids names?: that i assume will be a joint decision
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yes
What's under your bed?: there is no under my bed. im not leaving a hiding place for bad things
Favorite sport to watch?: eeewwwww. sport is a dirty word
Favorite location?: i like the beach
Piercing/Tattoos?: neither
What are you most afraid of right now?: not sure
Who do you really hate?: no one
Do you have a job?: no
Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with? of course
Are you lonely right now:? yeah
Have you ever played strip poker?: yes
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: face
Does size matter?: yeah

Time Finished: 338 am


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