Apr. 21st, 2007

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bunny tried to dig a burrow i think. he chewed a hole in my boxspring. my bed is just a matress and boxspring on the floor. bunny made a big hole. i had to cover it with a metal lid. cuz if he got in there id never get him out. and he could be hurt by a spring. i wish he wouldnt ruin my furniture. and i wish he werent chewing the wood along the bottom of the walls. thats gonna cost me when i move out. good thing i paid a pet deposit.

im really liking my human development class. its really interesting. so thats good. stats is going ok. im a little confused. the process makes sense but i have trouble pulling things out of the story problems to use them in the equations. fucking story problems.

i just finished a video game called trace memory. it was really fun. a mystery with ghosts and murder and stuff. yay. i love my nintendo ds.

i am watching the west wing through netflix. i am finishing up season 2 this weekend. itll take a while to get through all 7 seasons.

last friday i went to a party at tims. i went out there and no one answered the door. and the door was locked. and tim didnt answer his phone. and the cat inside wouldnt even look at me! so i got pissed and went to the bus stop to go home. well tim finally called me back and asked me to come back. i considered not going back cuz i was grumpy at that point. but he lured me back. and i ended up having a really good time. i think everyone must have thought i was crazy. but i had fun. and everyone there was really nice. except tim of course. =p im kidding.

theres not a lot going on. ive been staying home a lot. my sleep schedule is beyond repair. my rape support group is meeting for the last time on wednesday. buffy is almost done at the mission and firefly wont start till july. i still need a job. i want to go to the beach. i also want to go to the zoo. id rather it not be raining when i do either of these things.


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