May. 3rd, 2007

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well last friday i went to liza's housewarming party. that was fun and there were lots of nice people there. i even met tristan, who i have known online for like 5 years.

colin went with me. this was right after we spent 4 hours dying my hair that awesome red color i posted already. and we went to powells where i picked up some innuendo magnet poetry which is awesome. i can say things like "i want to revitalize your downtown area" haha. anyways at the party i went to bite colin in the side from behind. and he hit me in the nose really hard. like right in the middle of the nose. and i cried and my nose bled and it hurt like a bitch.

to clarify, he hit me with his elbow. on accident. but i told him id tell everyone he had abused me. hehe.

over the weekend i met this guy zach i have been talking to online. hes a nice guy. he is graduating from hs in like a month. i forgot what it was like to be around people that young. hehe. but i had a good time.

i havent done much this week. really, at all.

went to buffy tuesday night. only 2 weeks left. ive hung out with tim a couple times.

sunday i went bowling with dan. that was fun. then we went to saturday market. also fun. and ended up at lloyd center at old navy where i pickedup a couple of summer things. yay pretty clothes.

yesterday i was killed by giant hail. *smoosh* not really. but shit that was some big hail. and the thunder scared me. i was out at sauvie island during late afternoon and there was so much hail. and thunder, and rain. and then it cleared and there was a rainbow. and i got honey. its in a bear. yay bear.


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