May. 10th, 2007

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on friday zach came down to hang out. we went to the mall and the store. he spent the night. we hung out more on saturday. on sunday i spent time with my mom. we went to target and washington square. ate at the cheesecake factory. it was yummy.

on monday zach came down and hung out a bit. then colin came over. we went to lloyd center. then we went to safeway and back to my place where we hung out. we ended up watching reality bites. he slept over and the next day i got up and went to class. i havent been making it to my math class. ive been sleeping too late. and today i woke up feeling sick to my tummy so i didnt go today either. im really feeling burnt out and not feeling like im really there in my stats class. i dont have a good feeling about my passing this time.

tuesday after class i met up with peter. we went to his place and played some kind of game where you roll a thing and pick up objects. it was really fun for some odd reason. had a good time with peter.

btw, congrats peter on getting accepted to reed.

then i went and hung out with joe. we went to toys r us, azteca for mexican, and then to washington square. i got a nerf dartboard, a shirt with a potato looking horrified at a thing of fries, and a new build a bear. then i went to buffy night. only one more week left. sadness. so dan and i watched the show then i went home.

wednesday i did a shoot then relaxed at home.

today i went to school only to find that the afternoon class i had showed up for was canceled. so i went out to see the pro-life abortion = genocide display in front of the library. it was sickening of course. i took pictures but i wont post them. peter did that already, you can check his if you need to see it (he is arcus). they dont need me giving them free publicity. it was hard for me to look at but i became desensitized for the most part. i hung out, helped pass out pro choice flyers, held signs, ect. there were a few pro choice people there, passing out flyers and condoms. i met some new people, it was nice.

then i went and had a job interview at romance express over on barbur. its a sex shop, ect. seemed clean, nice, well lit. it was small. the people were nice. im hoping that i get the job. they seemed to like me. so wish me luck!

i came home and i cleaned the hamster cage, the litter box, the bathroom garbage, poured drano down the bathroom sink, and vacuumed the bathroom floor. phew. now im taking a break before gathering up my laundry and sorting it, cleaning my desk, cleaning the trash and non trash off the floor, cleaning the kitchen, putting away the clean dishes, doing the dirty dishes, and pouring drano down the kitchen sink. *sigh*


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