May. 18th, 2007

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so today i woke up to my mom calling. she was ready on time, which i hadnt expected. and i was in bed. so i told her give me an hour. and i got up, put on the price is right, got online, and burned my netflix. i showered, washed up, and sealed my luggage. gave ffred a ton of food and water. went to subway and got snacks. then we were off.

talked in the car, played my nintendo, listened to music. got to edmonds around 3. my nana bought a house about a year ago. i hadnt seen it yet. its cue. very nice inside. shes redone teh whole inside. we had lunch once my nana got home from teh store.

then mom went out to move her car and found that it was dead. like it wouldnt even turn over. so we popped the hood and tried to figure it out. couldnt. so the mechanic came and got mom and the car and charged the battery and took her in to get a new battery. oh the drama.

then mom got back and so did my aunt, uncle, and two younger cousins who had been off doing things. hadnt seen them in like 7 years. the cousins perhaps only a few years ago. so people talked, dinner was made, and everyone except me drank...enough to be silly. it was like being the one in the mental ward who has the keys.

so people drank and talked and ate then went to bed. mom watched me play elite beat agents. people laughed at teddy. poor old bear.

my nana is a real health nut, too a scary extreme. and her mind is not what it was. my uncle is from germany. he is nice and doesnt talk much. my aunt is a silly, emotional person, kinda hippy new age type of woman. my cousins tiana and leia are both pretty, successful, in stable relationships, respectful, interesting, nice, andcreative. man its annoying. makes me look bad. only nice thing anyone has to say about me is how pretty i am.

more tomorrow.


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