Jun. 24th, 2007

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happy birthday sarah!
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i went to the buffy sing along last night. dan picked me up and we went and got our tickets. then we had dinner at the blue moon. we came back to find that were thered been no line there was now quite a huge one. but we managed to get great seats anyways. they gave us goodie packs with stuff in them for the interactive parts. dan was dressed up as giles. he had a really good outfit for it. they even called him up to play giles in one of the acting out scenes. there was a bunch of pre-show stuff. like a set of clips devoted to buffys mom, a clip of alison hannigan and seth green in her first big movie role, they were both so little it was sooooo cute. it was in my step mother is an alien. i never saw that one. they had a quiz time and i won one of them and got a little bunny eraser. the whole thing was really fun and i got a poster at the end.

hung out with jon afterwards. talked and watched gay straight or taken and played with the pets and watched the lake house. good times.

tomorrow classes start again. im totally ready for being in class but my sleep schedule is so fucked. im going to try to go to bed early tonight. if i cant then ill nap before and after school. i only have the one 2 1/2 hour class.


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