Jul. 18th, 2007

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its been a while since ive really posted anything. tomorrow is the final for my one month social psych class. i didnt like it. the teacher was incompetant and the material was often outdated and usually boring. the people in the class were interesting though. and the class at least was easy so i can pick up a nice grade for my gpa. i start another class next week. hopefully thatll be more fun.

ive been going to firefly at the mission. liking it so far. but i wish it werent so crowded. its really out of control.

not doing a lot else. playing sims 2 and guild wars. not hanging out much at all. ive felt detached lately. but also lonely and kinda depressed.

colin left on the 5th for bootcamp. havent heard from him yet. i miss my colin shaped friend.

had a relatively fun 4th of july. went to a bbq at a park where stormi and tim were hanging out. saw jay, who i havent seen in ages. watched the fireworks, threw some pop its and such. im not one for fire myself.

trying to plan for the trip my mom and i are supposedly going on in september to kauai. looking for ward to it if we can actually get our shit together.

still cant find a job. its frustrating. im not getting modeling work really either.

tom came up from eugene and we hung out a bit.

i really hated the heat last week.

i saw ratatouille. that was excellent. i also enjoyed harry potter and it was good to see will. and tristan and i saw a movie at the fox tower. it was shot in paris, cant remember the name, its french. i liked it for the most part.


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