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had my first day of my social psychology class today. made some friends. it was nice. the class has 23 people in it including me. i like the smaller class size.
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my ipod randomly stopped working today and i am so pissed. its gonna take weeks to get a new one. at least my mom bought a warrenty with it.
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this is a survey thats given to people. i took it in class today. no one but me will see these. please rate these things in order of importance from 1 to 18 (they didnt all fit in one poll so its in two)

[Poll #1010109]

[Poll #1010110]
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coin operated boy

coin operated boy
sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
but i turn him on and he comes to life
automatic joy
that is why i want a coin operated boy

made of plastic and elastic
he is rugged and long-lasting
who could ever ever ask for more
love without complications galore
many shapes and weights to choose from
i will never leave my bedroom
i will never cry at night again
wrap my arms around him and pretend....

coin operated boy
all the other real ones that i destroy
cannot hold a candle to my new boy and i'll
never let him go and i'll never be alone
not with my coin operated boy......

this bridge was written to make you feel smittener
with my sad picture of girl getting bitterer
can you extract me from my plastic fantasy
i didnt think so but im still convinceable
will you persist even after i bet you
a billion dollars that i'll never love you
will you persist even after i kiss you
goodbye for the last time
will you keep on trying to prove it?
i'm dying to lose it...
i want it
i want you
i want a coin operated boy.

and if i had a star to wish on
for my life i cant imagine
any flesh and blood could be his match
i can even take him in the bath

coin operated boy
he may not be real experienced with girls
but i know he feels like a boy should feel
isnt that the point that is why i want a
coin operated boy
with his pretty coin operated voice
saying that he loves me that hes thinking of me
straight and to the point
that is why i want
a coin operated boy.
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i went to the buffy sing along last night. dan picked me up and we went and got our tickets. then we had dinner at the blue moon. we came back to find that were thered been no line there was now quite a huge one. but we managed to get great seats anyways. they gave us goodie packs with stuff in them for the interactive parts. dan was dressed up as giles. he had a really good outfit for it. they even called him up to play giles in one of the acting out scenes. there was a bunch of pre-show stuff. like a set of clips devoted to buffys mom, a clip of alison hannigan and seth green in her first big movie role, they were both so little it was sooooo cute. it was in my step mother is an alien. i never saw that one. they had a quiz time and i won one of them and got a little bunny eraser. the whole thing was really fun and i got a poster at the end.

hung out with jon afterwards. talked and watched gay straight or taken and played with the pets and watched the lake house. good times.

tomorrow classes start again. im totally ready for being in class but my sleep schedule is so fucked. im going to try to go to bed early tonight. if i cant then ill nap before and after school. i only have the one 2 1/2 hour class.
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happy birthday sarah!
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You Are a Rainbow

Breathtaking and rare
You are totally enchanting and intriguing
But you usually don't stick around long!

You are best known for: your beauty

Your dominant state: seducing
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so i got up late, of course. went to the post office and mailed an ebay item. then i went off to meet zach at the psu bookstore and get my textbooks. was waiting at the streetcar stop and had my headphones on. this guy was standing in front of me trying to talk to me. i could tell i did not want to talk to him. but he wouldnt let up. he was nearly full on yelling when i paused my ipod. he asked if i wanted to cruise with him and his friend. i said no. he asked if i was sure. i was. then we all got on the streetcar. it was crowded. did i mention this man was drunk and missing teeth? and he was maybe my fathers age. no i dont want to cruise with him (cruise? hes opn the streetcar!) then he tries talking to me again, now he is right there next to me cuz its so crowded. then he reaches out and tries to touch this woman near us. pokes his finger out and touches her stomach and says "hey lady" then he falls on to me and knocks me over onto some poor girl behand me. i apologized but she said it obviously wasnt my fault. at that point i move to another part of the streetcar very quickly. finally i get off and run over to the bookstore where zach is waiting. they dont have the one for my later class yet, but it doesnt start for over a month so im not worried. picked up my psych book and a notebook and a pen. great. go upstairs to the register. the lady charges me $30 for my textbook with guide. the label downstairs said $90. so i tell her. she rings up the other half of the set. now she is charging me $120 instead. so i tell her. she calls downstairs. shes on the phone for like 5 minutes. at least. then she tells me that it is mislabeled and that they want ME to go downstairs and find one that is labeled right and bring it back up. excuse me? its their labeling issue. the guy downstairs should bring it to us. i grabbed the right book from the right place. but i go down there and i look through the stacks till i find one labeled right. at least half are not. then i bring it back up. teach me to be honest again. so we go have lunch. and i go get a new pair of jeans at the gap's big sale. so i got a pair for 20 bucks and then we hit the safeway on the way home. zach and i watched chicken run. that was cool. unlike my apartment. fucking heat. could make people pies in here.

ive been hanging out with my friend jon lately. hadnt seen him in a while, its been fun.
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i did one of those two for one deals. woohoo new glasses. they are black plastic frames with light pink on the inside. and the sunglasses i only got new lenses in but most of you havent seen them. i needed to update them for a couple years now. they are red with rhinestones. i got polarized lenses for the sunglasses. and they both are polycarbonate lenses not the regular lenses. i have to because the lenses would be too thick for any decent frames with how blind i am. but bonus those kind of lesnes come with scratch coating built in.

i finally updated the prescription in my sunglasses. i havent been able to wear them for two years.

this picture isnt as good

i also got new glasses

better picture with new glasses

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over the last few days i cleaned my entire place. woo! man im tired. and on tuesday i get to go pick up my new glasses and my sunglasses with updated lenses. yay!
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happy birthday LeAnne!

happy birthday lokidecat!
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got a B- in my human development class cuz of the grading curve. yay!
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"we are starfleet officers. wierd is part of the job"

btw see my new shaun icon? yay!
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"if i became physically attracted to things that irked me the world would burst into flames from the friction of my furious humping."
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the predator moves in on its prey...

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please answer this poll. i think it could be really interesting. so please think about the questions and be honest.

[Poll #993771]

here are my opinions. its only fair i answer too...
Read more... )
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last week on thursday i was at school and i didnt know anything would be going on that way. there were booths in the park blocks and clotheslines with shirts. so i went back after class to look. the shirts were the clothesline project. the boothes were about take back the night. the shirts were from people who had been victims of sexual violence. take back the night is about ending sexual and domestic violence.

the shirts were hard to read. it hurt to see all that pain. i got a take back the night shirt, a safety whistle, and a button that says consent is sexy.

a lot of the time im ok. but i still dont know how to deal with the rape. and it comes up at random moments. like today zach and i were wrestling and he had his eyes wide and angry looking and he was holding my wrists and i was pinned down on the bed and i freaked. i didnt tell him why.

they had a booth where you could register your penis. guess it was saying that you promise not to harm people with it or something. peter seemed angry about this. i understood his point but i understood why they did it too.

there was a guy playing ani songs and other stuff, it was nice in a way.

i came back in the evening. listened to the speakers. the survivors telling their stories. that was hard. then i made a shirt for the clothesline project and hung it up. that was also hard. and i put some really personal stuff up there. then i sat and listened to more of the speakers and tim met me and held my candle for me cuz im afraid of fire.

that was a hard night. i still need to deal with a lot of this. im still hurt and afraid.
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my mom has been pressuring me to drop out of school. ive failed stats, i have a lot of hard classes ahead of me to get my degree, its not going well. im going to have to fight to get my financial aid back.

the other issue is that theres a big chance i wont be able to get work with my psych degree due to my criminal record. so i could do all the work only to not be able to use it.

my mom told me to drop out and write books about my problems. thinks i could make a lot of cash. i told her that writing books isnt really a career to depend on for financial stability. nana wants me to go to art school.

art school is not unappealing. but im not sure about the career paths that would follow.

right now my plan, assuming that i get my financial aid back, is to take classes i want to take for summer and fall. theres a writing class and a history class that look good. and some of the psych classes i need. then in winter id go back to taking stats and science and spanish like i need to. give myself a break, regroup.

if i cant get my aid back ill not be in school. ill do something else for a while. not sure what.

i dont know what i want or what i should do at this point.
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so today ive been doing the little things that need to get done. selling stuff online, doing my summer and next years fafsa, made a planned parenthood appointment to change my birth control to something that doesnt give me migrains, and now i am updating lj because i cant get on webct right now to do homework. i also talked to my nana, and hung out with zach, who was not on his meds and was acting nuts.

yesterday i saw spiderman 3. i was disappointed. it wasnt a really bad movie, just too much was in it for one movie. the day before that i saw shrek the third. that was cute, not great but cute. this was the weekend for third movies.

i saw dodger last night. he came for the last of his things from my place. i hadnt seen him since before we broke up. it was strange. he looked alright. i mean he looked good and happy, but its not my style. he didnt keep any of the stuff from our relationship. none of it. then he gave me a hug and acted like it was a secret like shed get mad. sounds like someone who is way too jealous. whatever. doesnt matter to me.


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