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if anyone wants to make me happy happy for my bday i love to shop, so i know its bad but i like gift cards. amazon, ebay, old navy, american girl, build a bear are my top shops.
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im depressed and bored. and i still cant find my hamster. i got her a great new cage with peters help but no hammy in sight.

saw my brother devin tonight. that was nice. he gave me a 50 gift card to hot topic. so that should be fun.

last night after the party i was totally crashing into the worst depression. but peter let me go home with him and cuddled me. and i was on the verge of tears the whole time but i could only stand it cuz of him. hes a good guy.


i havent thrown a party since i was 19. about a dozen people showed up. we sat around talking and playing with my playmobile pirate ship. everyone was geeking out with each other and it was great. and candy made a wonderful cake. id like to thank everyone who attended. it was really fun.
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PARTY IS TONIGHT! 7pm. yay party! show up. hang out. have fun. anyone who hasnt talked to me about the party yet feel free to show up. just call 503 307 1017 for directions.
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ok i went to the dollar store and got cheap tortilla chips, salsa, cookies, pretzels, and a bag of smarties.

candy has offered to make the birthday cake. yay!

what would be helpfull: drinks! i have nothing to offer people in the beverage catagory. so unless you all want to drink water...yeah i coulnt carry drinks with the stuff i got today. also since i have chips maybe some dip? maybe more chips? what else do you guys think? veggie platter? i dunno. think of something and bring if you can. those of you who cant i totally understand.

I AM GOING TO BE STARTING AT 7PM. you do not have to arrive at 7. but thats when ill start it. those who want to come then great. those who want to come later, thats good too. i plan to leave the place open to guests basically all night. leave whenever you need to. i understand people have work.

if you need to ask me a question leave it here or call me. 503 307 1017.
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well i dressed up with my wings and tiara and went to class. got another 100% on a quiz and then went and met up with peter. we went to see the departed. it was excellent. then we went to buffy. dan got me a birthay muffin with happy birthay on it. so sweet. hes such a nice guy. watched some good buffy. we went back to my place and went to bed.

the other thing going on yesteray was my computer. gary came by again and tried with no luck. then my computers power supply is on its way out. so peter has been gutting it an putting the parts i want into my moms desktop she gave me a few months ago. having some trouble but hopefully itll be up an working soon and will get internet. i am really wishing i ha the cash for teh laptop i want to buy. ditch all these other computers. my ipod is soon not going to be big enough either. dammit. i need one bigger than 4. its almost full. but i cant even afford to get a halloween costume. i cant even afford to pay my bills.

in better news gary got me a good deal on my comcast. free install and only 69 a month for tv an internet. yay.
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i nee people to give opinions on when my party should start. what time is good for you? im thinking that people will come and go as they please but i need a starting time. also can anyone bring any snacks or beverages so im not doing all of it?
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i am checking availablility for my bday party. i want to have it on the 14th, which is a saturday. do like an evening thing i guess. i will have food and a cake. if you want alcohol you need to supply it. beyond that not exactly sure whatll be going on. if anyone has ideas let me know. so i will try to get to people individually but it make my life easier if people could comment here if they can attended even if i havent invited you, cuz most likely i will so just comment here.
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seeing my dad an brother tomorrow. working on cleaning an organizing my stuff again this weekend. lilstening to bad music right now.

i want to have a birthday party this year. ill be 24 on the 10th of october. i was thinking something on like a saturday night closest to the day. last time i attempted to have a bday party i ha like 3 guests. id like this to be more successfull. ill try to contact people iniviually but also if you see this an think youd come please comment. there will be cake, food, goofy party favors, music, ect.

i also want opinions:

what would you like to see? should there be alcohol? maybe a corner with a stupid board game? im totally lame, i dont drink or go to parties. but id really like to get the people i care about together an have a good time. so input people!
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well the internet got turned back on today. kfkvfkvlv/n.b ,kcxhkdcloyp6l,.b v v,jckgfkfjdsmf;f. that was freds part of the post. she is a kitty cat and she type type types and she type type types. anyways. checked my bank account and im way overdrawn. dammit. just what i fucking need.

last night my mom took me o mccormick and shmicks. spellling be damned. it was good. then we went to the lion king. really good seats. fucking amazing production. loved it.

ive been really depressed lately. i dunno why.
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well i moved this weekend.

saturday. had the help of a very kind person from the damnportlanders community. he helped move all the furniture and the pets and some clothes over in his truck in the rain. even took us to the store to get toilet paper and pizza and soda.

set up the bed. hung out. dodger wasnt feeling well. i dropped the cat on him and he was curled up all hurt. i felt bad so i took my pillow and blanket out to the living room and made a bed. he fell asleep after i left. i heard him snoring. i didnt think hed just go to sleep. i thought hed care i wasnt there. but he didnt even notice. i didnt feel right going back without him asking. i felt out of place and unwanted. i stayed out there for 3 hours. i know i make my own prisons. i know its just me being wierd. but it was really depressing and awful. he finally woke up and we fought and then we went to the bedroom and hung out and talked for hours and then slept.

sunday we organized what we had at the appartment. and i put a bunch of new stuff in the hamster cage. and then helped jess move some of his stuff in. then dean came and met us and we all went to the old appartment and packed up more stuff. then went for a second trip and took the rest and cleaned up the place. i took pix of the appartment, i know i never posted any. ill post them soon. then jess took dodger and i down to hive. it was already like 1am, but it was better than nothing. saw brenton and ilia who are having a baby today. saw a bunch of other people. danced. i was dressed up in my new dress and black wings, spinning around the dance floor smoking a clove like some dark fallen angel. i had a good time. it was october 10th already, today, my birthday. i dont smoke, but every once in a while i smoke a clove. and i still cough. went home and cuddled and talked and fell asleep.

yes today is my birthday. im 23. yay. got up, found the bus stop. realized im a few blocks from multnomah village which is a really nice area. so thats good. went to psych. went to swimming. ate lunch and returned a phone call from my dad and my brother dalton who is home for a week from the marines. talked to dodger who is hard at work putting stuff away. dont really have plans for tonight. class till 630pm. prolly go to the store and do some unpacking. feel free to call!
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also i have no way to get to and from hive sunday night. its sposed to be my way of celebrating my bday and i cant even figure out how im gonna transport dodger and i to and from. this fucking sucks. anyone wanna give us a ride? ill buy you food or give gas money.
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went to look at one appartment and the manager stood us up for nearly an hour. we left. put in apps today with jess for grace manor. its a ways out but its near my school sorta so it wouldnt be too bad. didnt go to school today. was too tired. i feel bad about it.


met with a photographer yesterday. nice guy. loks like ill be doing a lot of work with him, be on a couple of his sites and do a solo site. get half the profites. good deal. so ill start working on that later this week. meeting with another guy tomorrow to talk about a shoot.

did my first shoot since i got raped. worked with a guy named caroll who i had met prior to the attack but not yet worked with. old texan guy. southern gentleman. dirty old man. the shoot went fine and he gave me 100 bucks for one hour of shooting in some hotel. and i was fine. have 2 shoots thursday. maybe do some work on friday for the guy with the sites. maybe the weekend.


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