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i went to verizon to give them the only money i have and get the phones back on. they want a minimum of 436 dollars on a 535 dollar bill to turn them back on! that includes the 21 in activation fees. fuck! fuck fuck fuck. so i was pissed and i walked home all pissed off. i cant give them that much. so i come home and the cable internet/tv is off too. great. fucking wonderful. so not only do i not have a phone but i have no fucking internet or tv. only thing left is the lights. ironically enough dodgers computers are still online since he uses a wireless thingy. im really fucking pissed off. ive had my phone be turned off before, but nothing else. i cant fix this. now not only am i having to do the modeling again, but since not enough of the people ive worked for are ready to give me work and i need such immediate money i have to go work with new people. i emailed a few and im putting myself back up on craigslist again. im also going to try and sell off some of my stuff. this fucking sucks. i might as well go whore myself. why not make some cash off it if they are going to take it anyways. why let them hurt me and have it for free too?
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my phone has been shut off. ill try to remedy this tonight. the cable internet/tv, and the power should be the next to go off, and itll be soon.

i need to make 1,150 on top of my disability money this month to pull us out of the hole and be all caught up so that next month is a managable amount. thats not including my credit card debt, only the monthly minimum payment on that. *sigh*

i sent out meails to the photographers ive worked with. im going back to work because i cant afford not to. life is shit.
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well im broke as usual. this time i need 700. and thats not counting next months bills which arent in yet. greeeaaaaat. anyone have any ideas? the modeling doesnt exactly bring in the mad cash if ya know what i mean.


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