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well i got my new hammy. a girl, only a few months old. named her lyra after a character in some books dodger is reading me right now. shes very cute. still skiddish a bit and not ready to be held. also not ready for pictures but ill post some when i get them. she is dark grey and white. very small. pickier about her food than the last hamster, also a lot more active cuz shes young. and she doesnt seem to be into her bed fluff. likes to sleep in the corner all curled up and cute. yay. i like her. i think that she will like me too.

been workling on getting the bedroom clean. its an exhausting task. more than one days work. tomorrow i see my mom for her bday, which is monday, and for a goodbye since shes leaving for mexico for 3 weeks on tuesday.

dodger is leaving tuesday aswell. he is flying down to sf for a job interview. so wish him luck! this would be a good thing for him. fred is doing well. we are aquainting her with her harness in hopes of getting her able to be walked. hehe. silliness.
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well i met with a photographer today. should be alright.

then i met up with dodger. he ate at piopneer place and then we headed to the doller store out in hillsboro. yay! i got a stuffed cat and a pirate and a duck puzzle and a big cup and a pirate sword! then we went to a place and had a panookie. mmm.

tonight im going to work on organizing the clothes in the room and he is going to try and fix my piece of shit computer that is fucking up again. weeeeeeeee!

thank you sweety for the nice day.
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well today pete came over. he helped me clean and organize my place. its awsome, i have so much more room. there is still more to do but it was a huge help. hes a real nice guy. we put the 80s music on and danced around and went and got lunch and stuff.

i feel better. i like having a cleaner space.


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