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bleached and wet

bleached and dry. i kinda liked this look.

dyed! the dye is a little dark but will fade nicely.

yay dyed!

new hair

Mar. 31st, 2007 07:44 pm
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so after my hair was butchered the other day i had no option but to have it short. but the guy at bishops over on nw 21st did a great job. fixed it really well cinsidering what he had to work with. so here it is. i know im cute.

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i called my dad after class cuz he was sposed to cut my hair. of course he tells me some story about his hair cutting equipment getting stolen. o i go to the great clips down the street from school. i got the cutest haircut! i really like it. it shorter than i was planning on but i think its super cute. picked it out of one of those books. pictures comming up!
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oh the hair dying was a failure. fixing is essential.
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took tim to hive tonight. he danced which was nice. i had fun. saw some friends. danced. i still feel at home there. its good.

tim bleached and dyed my hair tonight before the club. im going to wash it out in a minute. and i made grilled cheese and corn on the cobb.
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before...eeewww roots

before side


after again yay

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it turned out brighter than i expected.  and the blue didnt cover well in some spots where it refused to bleach out.  my hair is fried but it turned out fairly well.  bleached it twice, a big no no i know.  id like to thank joe for his help. 
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my new hair is still really dark. itll lighten after i wash it a few times.


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