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who wants to come over in the near future and give me a back/shoulder rub? the stress, my bad sleeping an sitting habbits, and the new bookbag lugging around, and the moving have fucked me up.
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i should get the ok on the apartment on friday, tomorrow. to get in before school starts i need to move in saturday. moving is taken care of. but i nee help packing. anyone have time?
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ok folks, i have at least one person that can move furniture. another would be good if possible. are there people who can just move boxes? like someone with a car that cant do furniture but could stick some boxes/garbage bags of clothes in their car? also, depending on transportation space someone without a car that wants to be an extra set of hands. i have at least one person i dont know who has offered to help me move furniture so i want to make this speedy and not take up their time.
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ok folks, please help me out. i do no thave the ability to drive, i have some cash but not enough, and im not old enough. i cant rent a uhaul. anyone have a truck or van big enough to put some furniture in it, namely a queen size bed? i have other furniture too. it could be done in trips. i need to move this weekend. i could give you a little cash to help with gas and maybe order a pizza when we are done. ive gotta be out of my place, they are being assholes and i must be out this weekend. so i am looking towards you, my friends. the manager gave me a notice today saying i have to be out by the 12th, wednesday, so i need to do this this weekend.

in other news i got a notice from something saying that if i dont pay my court fees of $345 from over 5 years ago in 30 days that they will come take any property of worth that i have. hehehehehehe. its one of those days. fuck. what are they gonna take...oh wait, the computer, the tv, the bike, the stereo...nevermind...
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well im broke as usual. this time i need 700. and thats not counting next months bills which arent in yet. greeeaaaaat. anyone have any ideas? the modeling doesnt exactly bring in the mad cash if ya know what i mean.


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