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yes i got new pets. yes, im insane. as soon as id done it i nearly had a panic attack. i was shaking and freaking out. i was not in need of more pets. i need to work on my impulse control. but. now that i have them i am very happy with them. they are cute and they get along with each additions to the family. yay!

i am very aware im gonna be a crazy animal lady. possibly im there already.

and dont worry im getting this in a few days, they didnt have one at the store...





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i dyed the tips of bunnys ears and his forhead

close up

and a pic of bunny in his sitting spot by my boots.

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bleached and wet

bleached and dry. i kinda liked this look.

dyed! the dye is a little dark but will fade nicely.

yay dyed!

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the predator moves in on its prey...

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new hair

Mar. 31st, 2007 07:44 pm
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so after my hair was butchered the other day i had no option but to have it short. but the guy at bishops over on nw 21st did a great job. fixed it really well cinsidering what he had to work with. so here it is. i know im cute.

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better pix of my costume. and my new hair.

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dan again

peter and me


and again

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racoon pumpkin

bunny pumpkin

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new cage

lyrra enjoying it

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i took some pix of peter an i. i think they are cute.

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before...eeewww roots

before side


after again yay

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me me me look look look

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btw anyone else going to the pride parade this monring/afternoon?
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it turned out brighter than i expected.  and the blue didnt cover well in some spots where it refused to bleach out.  my hair is fried but it turned out fairly well.  bleached it twice, a big no no i know.  id like to thank joe for his help. 
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thanks to dodger for the idea.

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take one of these images, or all of them, and do something creative with it. then post the result in a comment here.

im bored tonight...

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me with lights behind my head

me covered in christmas lights


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