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this is a survey thats given to people. i took it in class today. no one but me will see these. please rate these things in order of importance from 1 to 18 (they didnt all fit in one poll so its in two)

[Poll #1010109]

[Poll #1010110]
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please answer this poll. i think it could be really interesting. so please think about the questions and be honest.

[Poll #993771]

here are my opinions. its only fair i answer too...
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if youd like to have sex, no strings or anything, let me know here. im the only one who can see the results.

[Poll #923720]
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i am interested in self schemas. i wish that i could do a study where i tracked how people viewed themselves and how they maintained that image. and then go further and see how to break down that image and change it. of course i could just go observe a boot camp i guess but i was thinking something a little more humane. maybe studying how to rid people of negative self image and replace that with something positive.

people use a lot of things to define themselves. status, age, occupation, ect. so, leave a comment here and tell me how do you define yourself? give me a list of things that define you. im curious how you see yourselves and how that differs from how i as an outsider view you guys.
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i am the only one who can see the results so be honest!

[Poll #834936]
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the first one is obviously for the ladies. but if you want to answer as a guy who was with a girl who did thats fine. only i can see the results of this.

[Poll #754331]
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i am now holding a contest for who can find the most disgusting visual. text description not image.

post your submission here.
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whats your favorite kind of candy? mine is rolos.
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after i made a comment dodger said i needed to do this again...

[Poll #609786]
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[Poll #592514]
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[Poll #537285]


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