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the simpson movie was awesome!
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tuesday night i started to get a sore throat. didnt think much of it. until thursday when i went to take my final and i had a sore throat and was going hot and cold. still, by the end of taking my final i felt better. so i figured it was going away. hung out with my new friend miles and ran some errands. got home around 2. at about 3 my entire body ached horribly.

for the last few days i have had all or some of these symptoms: sore throat, throbbing headache, fever up to 100.4, body aches, weakness, tummy ache, vomiting, congestion, stuffy nose, sneezing.

i think im getting better. i think i just have the snuffy nose and sneezing now. but i seem to be worse at night so who knows. i start my new class tomorrow so hopefully im well enough.
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ok name 10 actors/acresses youd like to sleep with (just leave it in the comments here or whatever).

um, im gonna go with:
natalie portman
Anna Paquin
Maggie Gyllenhaal
alison lohman
alyson hannigan
jena malone
patrick fugit
james marsters
john cusack (a nod to the older men)
Johnny Whitworth (i am strange)
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im behind on my birthday wishes...

happy belated (only by a few hours) birthday lucas!

happy birthday tom!
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Nice hair.......

It's come to my attention that people (women) often say that one of the most fundamental things they are looking for is honesty in a man but since they've more than likely never met an honest man they don't know what to do when they actually confront one.

That having been said let's see if you write me (an extremely honest man back. Now this writing back deal will require a certain amount of curiosity and gumption and no small amount of an open mind. If you wonder why no honest men it's because the world is backwards and most of the the time people not only tell you what you want to hear but know what invariably happens when telling the truth.....let's see:

You would never find a better more honest friend, lover, husband. How do I know that? Because I have two wives and I'm looking for a third. That's getting the 500 pound gorilla out of the way up front and being honest isn't it?

What do you suppose type of man I am? One you should avoid or embrace? Well I'm not a dishrag. I appreciate intelligent physically strong females because they make the best babies and I'm all about family and yes I can afford three wives.

Well you have a choice to ignore or explore. I expect everything and ask for nothing. Consequently I'm unable to place you in an akward position. You might just be curious....if so please feel free to write. I won't bite and you can always use me for a topic of conversation. "I actually correspond with a polygamist from Florida on a regular basis!!!"

Looking forward to your reply........C. Smith (real name)
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happy birthday liza
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my ipod randomly stopped working today and i am so pissed. its gonna take weeks to get a new one. at least my mom bought a warrenty with it.
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happy birthday sarah!
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so i got up late, of course. went to the post office and mailed an ebay item. then i went off to meet zach at the psu bookstore and get my textbooks. was waiting at the streetcar stop and had my headphones on. this guy was standing in front of me trying to talk to me. i could tell i did not want to talk to him. but he wouldnt let up. he was nearly full on yelling when i paused my ipod. he asked if i wanted to cruise with him and his friend. i said no. he asked if i was sure. i was. then we all got on the streetcar. it was crowded. did i mention this man was drunk and missing teeth? and he was maybe my fathers age. no i dont want to cruise with him (cruise? hes opn the streetcar!) then he tries talking to me again, now he is right there next to me cuz its so crowded. then he reaches out and tries to touch this woman near us. pokes his finger out and touches her stomach and says "hey lady" then he falls on to me and knocks me over onto some poor girl behand me. i apologized but she said it obviously wasnt my fault. at that point i move to another part of the streetcar very quickly. finally i get off and run over to the bookstore where zach is waiting. they dont have the one for my later class yet, but it doesnt start for over a month so im not worried. picked up my psych book and a notebook and a pen. great. go upstairs to the register. the lady charges me $30 for my textbook with guide. the label downstairs said $90. so i tell her. she rings up the other half of the set. now she is charging me $120 instead. so i tell her. she calls downstairs. shes on the phone for like 5 minutes. at least. then she tells me that it is mislabeled and that they want ME to go downstairs and find one that is labeled right and bring it back up. excuse me? its their labeling issue. the guy downstairs should bring it to us. i grabbed the right book from the right place. but i go down there and i look through the stacks till i find one labeled right. at least half are not. then i bring it back up. teach me to be honest again. so we go have lunch. and i go get a new pair of jeans at the gap's big sale. so i got a pair for 20 bucks and then we hit the safeway on the way home. zach and i watched chicken run. that was cool. unlike my apartment. fucking heat. could make people pies in here.

ive been hanging out with my friend jon lately. hadnt seen him in a while, its been fun.
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so today ive been doing the little things that need to get done. selling stuff online, doing my summer and next years fafsa, made a planned parenthood appointment to change my birth control to something that doesnt give me migrains, and now i am updating lj because i cant get on webct right now to do homework. i also talked to my nana, and hung out with zach, who was not on his meds and was acting nuts.

yesterday i saw spiderman 3. i was disappointed. it wasnt a really bad movie, just too much was in it for one movie. the day before that i saw shrek the third. that was cute, not great but cute. this was the weekend for third movies.

i saw dodger last night. he came for the last of his things from my place. i hadnt seen him since before we broke up. it was strange. he looked alright. i mean he looked good and happy, but its not my style. he didnt keep any of the stuff from our relationship. none of it. then he gave me a hug and acted like it was a secret like shed get mad. sounds like someone who is way too jealous. whatever. doesnt matter to me.
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tim and i were going to see pirates of the carribean 3 on thursday night. but i was running late hemming my skirt then the streetcar broke down. so that didnt happen. we went back to my place and had the sex instead.

friday afternoon tim and i went to lloyd cinema and saw the movie. i liked it a lot. i thought it stayed truer to jacks original character than the second one. the movie was sad. i think it has sequal potential but not sure they will go there.

after that tristan came over. we hung out and watched saved. but i got a migrain and ended up calling it an early night. which meant kicking him out and spending the next hour or so puking multiple times then finally sleeping.

i feel better today. im taking it easy. ok, scratch that, i am off to see shrek the third!

more updates later. i have mucho updating to do.
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on friday zach came down to hang out. we went to the mall and the store. he spent the night. we hung out more on saturday. on sunday i spent time with my mom. we went to target and washington square. ate at the cheesecake factory. it was yummy.

on monday zach came down and hung out a bit. then colin came over. we went to lloyd center. then we went to safeway and back to my place where we hung out. we ended up watching reality bites. he slept over and the next day i got up and went to class. i havent been making it to my math class. ive been sleeping too late. and today i woke up feeling sick to my tummy so i didnt go today either. im really feeling burnt out and not feeling like im really there in my stats class. i dont have a good feeling about my passing this time.

tuesday after class i met up with peter. we went to his place and played some kind of game where you roll a thing and pick up objects. it was really fun for some odd reason. had a good time with peter.

btw, congrats peter on getting accepted to reed.

then i went and hung out with joe. we went to toys r us, azteca for mexican, and then to washington square. i got a nerf dartboard, a shirt with a potato looking horrified at a thing of fries, and a new build a bear. then i went to buffy night. only one more week left. sadness. so dan and i watched the show then i went home.

wednesday i did a shoot then relaxed at home.

today i went to school only to find that the afternoon class i had showed up for was canceled. so i went out to see the pro-life abortion = genocide display in front of the library. it was sickening of course. i took pictures but i wont post them. peter did that already, you can check his if you need to see it (he is arcus). they dont need me giving them free publicity. it was hard for me to look at but i became desensitized for the most part. i hung out, helped pass out pro choice flyers, held signs, ect. there were a few pro choice people there, passing out flyers and condoms. i met some new people, it was nice.

then i went and had a job interview at romance express over on barbur. its a sex shop, ect. seemed clean, nice, well lit. it was small. the people were nice. im hoping that i get the job. they seemed to like me. so wish me luck!

i came home and i cleaned the hamster cage, the litter box, the bathroom garbage, poured drano down the bathroom sink, and vacuumed the bathroom floor. phew. now im taking a break before gathering up my laundry and sorting it, cleaning my desk, cleaning the trash and non trash off the floor, cleaning the kitchen, putting away the clean dishes, doing the dirty dishes, and pouring drano down the kitchen sink. *sigh*
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well last friday i went to liza's housewarming party. that was fun and there were lots of nice people there. i even met tristan, who i have known online for like 5 years.

colin went with me. this was right after we spent 4 hours dying my hair that awesome red color i posted already. and we went to powells where i picked up some innuendo magnet poetry which is awesome. i can say things like "i want to revitalize your downtown area" haha. anyways at the party i went to bite colin in the side from behind. and he hit me in the nose really hard. like right in the middle of the nose. and i cried and my nose bled and it hurt like a bitch.

to clarify, he hit me with his elbow. on accident. but i told him id tell everyone he had abused me. hehe.

over the weekend i met this guy zach i have been talking to online. hes a nice guy. he is graduating from hs in like a month. i forgot what it was like to be around people that young. hehe. but i had a good time.

i havent done much this week. really, at all.

went to buffy tuesday night. only 2 weeks left. ive hung out with tim a couple times.

sunday i went bowling with dan. that was fun. then we went to saturday market. also fun. and ended up at lloyd center at old navy where i pickedup a couple of summer things. yay pretty clothes.

yesterday i was killed by giant hail. *smoosh* not really. but shit that was some big hail. and the thunder scared me. i was out at sauvie island during late afternoon and there was so much hail. and thunder, and rain. and then it cleared and there was a rainbow. and i got honey. its in a bear. yay bear.
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bunny tried to dig a burrow i think. he chewed a hole in my boxspring. my bed is just a matress and boxspring on the floor. bunny made a big hole. i had to cover it with a metal lid. cuz if he got in there id never get him out. and he could be hurt by a spring. i wish he wouldnt ruin my furniture. and i wish he werent chewing the wood along the bottom of the walls. thats gonna cost me when i move out. good thing i paid a pet deposit.

im really liking my human development class. its really interesting. so thats good. stats is going ok. im a little confused. the process makes sense but i have trouble pulling things out of the story problems to use them in the equations. fucking story problems.

i just finished a video game called trace memory. it was really fun. a mystery with ghosts and murder and stuff. yay. i love my nintendo ds.

i am watching the west wing through netflix. i am finishing up season 2 this weekend. itll take a while to get through all 7 seasons.

last friday i went to a party at tims. i went out there and no one answered the door. and the door was locked. and tim didnt answer his phone. and the cat inside wouldnt even look at me! so i got pissed and went to the bus stop to go home. well tim finally called me back and asked me to come back. i considered not going back cuz i was grumpy at that point. but he lured me back. and i ended up having a really good time. i think everyone must have thought i was crazy. but i had fun. and everyone there was really nice. except tim of course. =p im kidding.

theres not a lot going on. ive been staying home a lot. my sleep schedule is beyond repair. my rape support group is meeting for the last time on wednesday. buffy is almost done at the mission and firefly wont start till july. i still need a job. i want to go to the beach. i also want to go to the zoo. id rather it not be raining when i do either of these things.
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oh my gawd!

so i was booooored and i checked myspace, which i never do. and i had messaged this one account over a month ago looking for my favorite friend from high school. and there was a response! after 5 years of not knowing where he was (he was in the military when we lost touch) i have a phone number, we talked, hes going to call me for coffee soon. this is great. and he was still sweet and funny and nice. im really excited. ive been looking for him for years. myspace is a horrible place but im glad i joined now.

he says he kept all my poetry. thats really nice. i went looking through my letter box and among other things fromhim i found a little yellow piece of paper that says this from high school: "i remember you. you are the one with a smile that though rarely seen is worth waiting for. you are a poet lacking confidence. you are a friend with a sensitive soul. you are the one who has grown so much this year and helped me to grow a little too."

he was always so nice to me. and he stuck by me when everyone else bailed. its good to have him back.
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what do you do when you try to be someone better than who you are and you fail?

in so many ways im doing so much better than i was even 6 months ago.  and most people around me are so proud and blah blah.  but im not. its not enough. nothing ever is.  and i still have some of the same deep issues.  and i still ruin my life trying not to look or feel stupid.  and i still go after people that are too smart for me.

sometimes i want to give up.  just be the fuck up i used to be.  its so much easier.  but i know where that leads and its no where good. still its comforting and familiar and i wish sometimes i could just really give up on being happy and ok.  

but part of me doesnt want to "commit themselves to the strerile hell of a mental ward...(and) disown your beautiful mind and soul because it is easier for soemone else to watch over it"  sometimes im glad i save old emails...
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finals are over.  i think i did really well.  it surprised me.  yay!  had breakfast with peter.  plus he came over after class for some cuddles.  yay cuddling.  got my first paycheck.  128.  dammit thats like nothing and its still probably more than ill usually get.  

i have to get moving on my book.  i have 18 days.  fuck.  need to get a move on.  hoping to get a tree in a few days and i need to get some gifts still thouh im mostly done.  also i want to go see santa.  anyone want to go with? i dont want to go alone!  

also anyone want to go to the club on sunday night?  my friend owen is dj'ing.  i hate going by myself.  c'mon, itll be fun.  

im at work right now.  see how busy we are...
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ill give someone 5 bucks to do my dishes.  anyone want to make some easy cash?  not a hard job, im just overwhelmed.  i have a dishwasher but they need to be rinsed off first. 
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i was modeling for a clothed art class.  just had to stand aorund in my clothes and be drawn.  the teacher and students were nice.  it was high school level.  but i think im getting sick.  i got so dizzy and i went hot and cold the  whole first hour and my lips paled to match my skin.  he sent me home an hour early.  i felt bad.  i wish someone were here to make me soup and watch a movie with me.


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