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went and saw pirates of the caribbean 2 last night. i liked it. but not as much as the original. an damn, it was like 3 hours long. i got home an saw the time an was like shit no wonder we are so tired.

today i met dodgers friend kate. she is strange. we had lunch an then we went to the san francisco zoo. yay animals! ive decided people suck but animals are awsome. the monkeys were great and so were the zebras, the penguins, the polar bears, the lemurs, an the prarie dogs. yay. an i got a stuffe lemur an named him irving. went an got a happy meal an gave irving my inflatable pirate cutlass and the pirate bandana i got last itme. he is all decked out. yay.

having an easy night. doing some stuff to my computer. i catch the place at 730 tomorrow night. not sure what we are doing tomorrow. its been a good week.

not sure what im comming home to either. the roomate should be gone so im wondering if i have no internet. thatd fucking suck. everything was in her name. i havent even met the new roomate, nor do i know if she will be there when i get back. we shall see.
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ok so yesterday dodger an i went out and we wandered through the ikea. i was not in love with their stuff, but i liked a lot of the kids stuff. can i get kid decorations? took greg with us. he is my plump little racoon. he has been approved on which some of you still have not submitted to. go submit. suuuuuubmit. anything, it can be anything. we went and ha lunch an we shopped a bit. i got some clothes an a copy of the first pirates of the caribean movie. we came home an got ready an then we were off to the club.

i liked the club. the people were nice. the outfits were interesting. there were cage dancers. i got to grab a girls butt. then we went home and cuddled up for sleep.

toay i need to go back down to the school. then we need to watch one pirates movie before heading off to see the other. yay.
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well i was frantic yesterday. totally running late. but i got my hair cut and dyed. i need to touch oup the dye job then ill have pictures. got to the airport on time. i was really scared. ive flown once before, with my mom, over 7 years ago. so i make it through security, figure out where i go to get on the pllane, step up to the counter to ask if i nee to check in. and suddenly they announce that the flight is canceled. im inches from the counter an suddenlly there are 20 people in front of me. im terrified. but i make it up there and get my new seat. they are combining two flights going to san francisco. they are no longer going to oakland where im sposed to go. so i call dodger. he meets me in sf instead. the flight is nice. i have a window seat. we go up, everything gets small. everything being the scenery, the drink they give you, and the bag of peanuts. the drink is a tiny cup of ice with one sip of soda in it. the peanuts are not as hard to open as the stand up comedians want you to think.

i get off the plane. dodger is waiting in the airport with roses and a box of chocolates. it is so sweet. and we hug and kiss and he carries my bags. we go back to his place and i meet the pets. they seem to like me. he made pesto pasta and we cuddled and he read to me.

today we went downtown. we talke to the school an i am now a student at the academy of arts. i am intimidated. what if i dont have ideas? what if i suck at this? im not artistic. the people were nice an the guy at admissions was very helpfull. an i toured the fashion department. then we went and had food. and we went to the toy store and dodger got me greg, my new stuffed racoon. yay. he is round and fuzzy.

dodger is making lasagna and we are gonna watch clerks then go see clerks two. yay.

im having a good time and its good to see the dodger.

june 19th

Jul. 12th, 2005 07:51 pm
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this is the last of the sf trip entries...

i just said goodbye to him, crying and blurry-eyed. i know i have to leave, i just wish that i didnt have to leave him. we held each other in the bus station. he was having molly memories. and i felt bad for him, but it was my last hour with him so i felt jealouse. i felt like second best. that bitch hurt him. sshe doesnt fucking deserve him. he is my everything.
i dont want to wash him off my skin. i dont want to forget the feeling of him against me, holding me, kissing me, inside of me. he gave me his shirt. not washed. hes right i like that better. im afraid ill wear it constantly and never wash it though. wont want to wash him off of it. we took a cab to the bus station and i gave him cab fare home. before we left we made love one last time. i never wanted it to end. i didnt want to feel him leave my body. i wanted to cuddle but there wasnt time. hed made me a CD. wed showered together one last time. we went downtown today. we made love in the morning (technically afternoon). we talked. we cuddled. i miss him. its been a half hour and i can barely breathe, my stomach is turning, im fighting back more tears. i love him. i need him. id give up everything for him.
im in sacramento in the bus station. next bus leaves at 7am. been tlaking to dodger on the phone. he went to the store and i went and changed into his shirt. changing i saw my patch not on. texted him. i dont even have any packed. im not the brightest ashley doll now am i? lets not think of all the sex ive been having. he says itll be fine.
at the bus station i clung to him and kissed him and kept saying i love you i love you i love you over and over in his ear. i wanted to hug and kiss ihm better before i boarded the bus but the driver was being a dick. looked at him as i walked away. then i saw him again as i went to speak to the driver about the lack of seating. hard to leave seing him standing there. sat on the bus holding the pokemon duck. it was his. it will now be dodger duck. it will be my dodger stuffed animal. im tired. 4:35am. want to get on the next bus and try to sleep. i want to cuddle up with my favorite super hero, naked man, also known as dodger.
i cannot erase you,
will not wash
your touch
from my flesh.
i would cross
the deserts and mountains
between us
to get back to you.
wrapped up in the cloth
that came off your body
i wish only
to curl up
safe in your arms
but i cannot reach you.
didnt leave sac. till 7:30am. got my own seat and slept 1 1/2 hours. then someone sat next to me. before napping listened to part of the CD dodger made me. in sac. iit was so tempting just to take one of the many buses back to sf. leaving sac. we passed a sign pointing to sf and my heart pulled that way but the bus drove the other. i love portland. its my town. but i miss him. he is my home.
(6/20)i told him the other night that i worry. i know he can take care of himself but sometimes he seems so sad and sensitive and fragile. he said he is, and that he usually isnt happy. yeah im not either.


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