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tuesday night i started to get a sore throat. didnt think much of it. until thursday when i went to take my final and i had a sore throat and was going hot and cold. still, by the end of taking my final i felt better. so i figured it was going away. hung out with my new friend miles and ran some errands. got home around 2. at about 3 my entire body ached horribly.

for the last few days i have had all or some of these symptoms: sore throat, throbbing headache, fever up to 100.4, body aches, weakness, tummy ache, vomiting, congestion, stuffy nose, sneezing.

i think im getting better. i think i just have the snuffy nose and sneezing now. but i seem to be worse at night so who knows. i start my new class tomorrow so hopefully im well enough.
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went to moms yesterday. she gave me a cool easter b asket. it had candy, a cd, a vibrating cick, a pink fuzzy dinosaur pen, a pink fuzzy pez keychain,. a pink bunny keychain, and a tiny baby bratz jade bobblehead with bobble bunny. and it all came in a big batman head easter basket. it kicks ass!

she made a nice ham dinner, we watched the food network and west wing.

later i got together with scott. i had a migrain but figured it was a managable one. we hung out, watched a wierd movie. but my headache got a lot worse and the nasea that goes with it was horrible. he took me home and i threw up a bunch then went to bed. that was like 2am. i woke up at 4pm. my back hurts but the rest of me is feeling better, just a little weak.
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made it up to seattle ok. had a nice night except for a headache. woke up today with the headache still there and a tummy ache to join it. i miss dodger and i wish i was home. id rather be sick in my own house.
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well ive been doing photo shoots and finishing up fall term at school. i made a new friend online and met him on tuesday. his name is kevin. real nice guy. we hung out and didnt do a hell of a lot. he helped me with some xmas shopping.

yesterday brent and i went out and did the rest of my xmas shopping. id say im done. might pick up another thing or two, but the cash is very much not there anymore. i allotted myself an amount for xmas shopping and i think ive spent it. and i did a nice job this year. tonight took the pix to make an xmas card, gonna make those and send them out.

for a few days i had a sore throat, i was feeling kinda icky yesterday. and by the end of it i was sore and cold and my tummy hurt. so i didnt eat much yesterday. then i went to sleep for a long time. woke up in horrible pain. my tummy was very much not happy. i threw up, went back to bed, then got up after a bit and threw up again. this hasnt happened for a while. i was sick from not eating enough. it wasnt going to go away until i ate, which is hard when im that sick. im still weak and stuff but im feeling bette.r dodger tok good care of me. and fred stayed there in the bed and watched over me like a good mama cat. she must think im such a dumb kitten. dumb, huge, hairless kitten.

i also fixed my schooling problem. i found some online classes i can take. i had never considered taking these classes before but i think they will be usefull. i signed up for an html class, a webpage making class using dreamweaver, and a photoshop class. so i will be in school, at least doing online classes, next term after all. yay. now i just have to get my therapist to write a letter so i can get my financial aid back.
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well i went to my first two classes today even though im still sick. got 46/50 on my psych test. yay. sat out in my swim class so as not to get worse but still be there. the teacher asked me to audit the class cuz ive misssed too many. damn. looks like im prolly gonna fail math too. fuck fuck fuck.

still feel like hell.
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my whole body hurts, i get hot and cold, im coughing so much, sneezing, and there is a ton of crap in my lungs. dodger is out getting me medicine. i hate this.

there is no way i can do my math test tomorrow so im trying to get a make up. if not then taht class is toast and ill withdraw. have to go to swimming and sit through it on the side or i fail that too.
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my whole body aches. i keep belching in a way that makes me think im gonna vomit. i feel like crap. this sucks.
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im still sick. the photographer today canceled, but he didnt actually call to cancel till after 4pm. thanks. good thing i didnt want to make other plans for the day. jack ass.

im totally stuffed up. to the extent that it hurts cuz my sinuses are so packed and there is so much pressure and its giving me a ig head ache. and my tummy hurts from swallowing too much snot. ewww.

i feel like hell.

and dodger is working on his 14th hour of sleep. of course the wierdo stayed up over 27 hours. i never do pick the sane ones do i?
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i was so sick last night. headache and tummy ache. ended up throwing up, but through pure unluckiness my head was tilted down to far and some of it went up and out my nose. ugh. i felt even worse afterwards and went to bed and finally slept. ive been getting like this a lot lately. like several times a week. i dont know whats wrong with me.

in other news i think my psych test went much better than the last one. im hoping for a B. cuz i know i missed a few of them.
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today i woke up feeling like crap. headache all day and generally depressed and vulnerable. went to the starbucks and got one of the cat bears that was on sale now. yay. his name is franklin, like the pumpkin. went to fred meyers. which is more of a walk than id prefer but its food stamp day. i knew i wasnt doing well but i wanted to get food. so we went. and then i started freaking out. and ithought i saw things but then they turned out to be other things. and i was running around being wierd. and then i called dodger from the toy section and had him come get me and we left and he and jess and i started to walk back but i wasnt doing well and i was meowing and crying. finally got home. calmed down. been watching tv. my head is hurting really bad and my tummy hurts too. its been a bad day. but i have food again. not that i feel well enogh to eat it.
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i keep getting tummy aches, all the time. i dont know why. food hurts. everything hurts. except orange juice. mmm...juice.

went to bagby again today for another shoot. i like the hot springs.
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ive been having stomach aches the last few days. not sure why. and i had a sore spot on my side yesterday which still hurts somewhat. it was suggested it was pulled muscles but there were areas that hurt that werent muscle, and even some sore spots on my ribs. i dunno why. i wish i would stop feeling sick. this sucks.
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was lazy today. stayed home. went to the store. went to starbucks. saw the bearista bear for haloween this year at the starbucks. i must have it. someone should get it for me. its my bday...soon. its a bear dressed as a cat with a pumkin trick or treat bag. its super cute. yay.

went to a shoot with leanne tonight at an arcade. was fun. talked to the guys who worked there. stood around lookin at leanne nekkid. yay naked! teehee. i was being annoying. and i felt ugly. my hair was greasy and my clothes sucked and i felt like shit. i dont like feeling that way. im insecure enough when im not greasy and frumpy looking. and when i dont have pretty naked girls to compare myself to. (the reason i havent done threesomes since the one i tried with james and audra). not that i didnt enjoy seeing her nekkid. and saying silly things to make her laugh. which was far too easy. shes fun. one of the only girls who doesnt annoy the shit outta me. i fucking hate most women.

my tummy and head hurt tonight. and earlier i felt dizzy and out of it.
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the smell of tarragon always reminds me of my mothers cooking...

ive been cooking the last couple days. yes me. being domestic. dont all laugh at once.

not a lot going on the last couple days. jess went home and then left for san diego. i didnt get to see him much at all. that sucked. and i feel bad for him, he was working far more than he should have been at kumoricon.

saw leanne on sunday. went to hive with dodger. next week is drag night at hive. boys and girls should come in drag. you should consider going if you havent planned on it. even ill have a mustach and stuff. and dodger will be all done up. teehee.

my new kitty boots that im totally in love with have broken zippers so i need to take them back to the store. that really sucks. i really wanted kitty boots. dammit. makes me sad.

last night i got a migrain. i ended up in so much pain and all sick to my tummy. i was puking and feeling overheated though i wasnt and shaking and wiggling around all in pain. dodger was really good to me. and he tried to give me hot cocoa with asprin in it but i didnt drink much of it cuz of my tummy and it tasting bad. i felt better around noon or so and finally slept.

im also noticing that the patch effects me in a way that i hate. i love having the birth control. its easy, it works. but the hormons actually make it so i pms, which i previously didnt do. id always thought the concept was bullshit and laughed about it. im not laughing anymore. it totally sucks.


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