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i was so sick last night. headache and tummy ache. ended up throwing up, but through pure unluckiness my head was tilted down to far and some of it went up and out my nose. ugh. i felt even worse afterwards and went to bed and finally slept. ive been getting like this a lot lately. like several times a week. i dont know whats wrong with me.

in other news i think my psych test went much better than the last one. im hoping for a B. cuz i know i missed a few of them.
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i am physically exhausted. just had swimming. was an hour late to my psych class. fuck. he wasnt covering test material though. just talking about different psych degrees and different psych careers. i talked to him afterwards about colleges and stuff. hes a nice guy. i got a D on the test though. dammit. 68% almost a C. its better than the math test i fucked up on. dont have that back yet, but at best its a D. at best. i was hoping for a C on the psych test but no such luck.

im tired and my tummy hurts, it was hurting worse during swiming though. went to hive last night. marinet went with dodger and i. i talked to people and danced and had a good time. then marinet and dodger and i went to sharis and had food. i didnt get enough sleep. but i did get sex, so it all evens out.

still feeling depressed, sad, lonely. and now really tired too. yay.
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so i think i just bombed my psych test. fuck. maybe not. you never know.

stayed up too late last night playing simpson monopoly of all things. *sigh* it was hard to leave the bed this morning. i was so tired and dodger had only gone to bed like a half hour before i got up and he was all warm and cute laying in bed. i just wanted to cuddle up with him. and he was mumbling how he is mine and i need to take good care of him. i do my best. i think i take damn good care of him. jim says that dodger doesnt like being taken care of and he is surprised that i am able to. but that its a good thing. jim tutored me yesterday for math. still parts of it i know i wont be able to do. but that test is at 4pm today. woohoo. cant even find my fucking calculator. this is not my day.

now i stood in line to get my financial aid and it says that i dont have any. my tuition hasnt been paid. what the hell? i need to talk to financial aid now. fuck. fuck fuck fuck. why cant anything ever be easy? why cant things ever go right? go smoothly? i think i should go attempt to kick a football now. anyone want to hold it?


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