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ive decided to go on and make a book. ill have it in time for xmas and give it out to the family and such. i wont be able to afford to get them for all my friends. but im hoping those of you into writing would be interested in buying one. ill link when they are up. they will be less than 10 bucks so its not a big thing.

half of it will be poetry. and half will be bw photography. i dont have dark room access so itll have to be digital. but ill make it look awesome anyways. itll be a poem on the left side of every page. and a picture to go with it on the right.

i will need some help with the photography part. i need a female to model for the pictures. nothing of the face. close ups of hands and such. and ill need someone to take the cover shot cuz i want to be in it.

i will also need help getting the stuff positioned right and such on the computer so when i send it to them it prints correctly.
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this will tie into the rosemont story im already writing. it is back info on that, the crime and arrest preceeding my being locked up in rosemont. as always please read and tell me what you think.

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i am still working on the other story but im also writing this one now. please read and comment!

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ok i added to my story. there is a mark indicating where the new stuff starts. though from the lack of comments i dont think any of you read it last time. that makes me sad. im working hard on ym story.

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i just started writing this but im posting what i have so far. please read it and feel free to give input. ill be adding more and posting as i go along.

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swim class is always exhausting.

talked to financial aid. my aid just is late cuz of me signing my thing late. ok, no problem.

swim instructor wont be there on friday. class is optional. but if you go you can do a make up during the time. i would skip it if it werent for the 3 make ups i have to do from last week. damn. all well.

have a math test in an hour and a half. im so screwed. this is not good.

thinking that i should go back to writing the short stories i was going to be doing. so expect more from that. will be posted in my art2chokeheartz lj. i would love your guys feedback. the first drafts arent going to have the detail i hope to put into the later drafts but i do want input on them none the less.

i want to get my records from rosemont. both for my own interest and for helping me write about that time. i want to see what they say. but i dont know that theyd have them anymore. i should find out.
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first post up in my new journal. my name on there is art2chokeheartz. go check it out and add me!
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i made another journal just for posting my writing. ill let you all know when i put soemthing up in it.


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