Jan. 20th, 2007

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so i went to the med nurse, nancy, yesterday. she gave me a prescription for zoloft.

i have taken zoloft before. it worked well.

but then i became unable to take it in liquid form, my body rejected it and i would vomit, sometimes before id even swallowed. this is of course from an incident that mikey prolly remembers well. some of you might also remember zoloft from the night in question, when i took about 100 ml instead of 5. oops. only not oops, intentional. but besides that its a good drug.

she prescribed me zoloft alone. last time i was taking it with zyprexa. you may remember zyprexa from the awesome side effect it had when mixed with birth control. this would be the one cup size bigger, painful, hard as a rock boobs that were squirting milk.

she really wants to give me something that works. she hasnt found a mood stabilizer that works. so she didnt prescribe me one.

you may remember the tales of the last time i was on an anti depressant alone. this would be the infamous oops a stabbed someone incident.

so what in the hell is the rationalization for giving me this? its not just that she has balls of steal. lets go over it. i havent had a manic episode since high school. many people question if i even have bipolar. but im not quick to change the diagnosis since it gets me all sorts of disability benefits. nancy does think i have it. she wants to give me something that works. we know the zoloft is helpful to me. theres a good chance ill be fine without a mood stabilizer. if im not i know myself a lot better now and will see the mania very quickly and be able to remedy it before it becomes dangerous. she also gave me a sample box of risperidal that i can take if i get manic and it should level me out for the few days till she can work something out. that is a mood stabilizer. so i think im covered.

im hoping that this will be the right thing for me. so is she. ive been through so many things. i just want something that works.


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