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i need to name the new computer. have any suggestions that seem like me?
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so peter put the things i wanted from the old computer, doom hamster, into my moms old desktop machine shed given me. so the two have merged into one beautiful machine. except the part where it cant read my 160 gig hard drive. still working on that. yay for new computers. yay for awesome boyfriends!
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anyone have norton? not just antivirus but the other stuff? if so can i get it from you?

anyone know how to fix my big har rive so the computer sees it without wiping out all the info? really need some help.

R.I.P. doom hamster.
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well i dressed up with my wings and tiara and went to class. got another 100% on a quiz and then went and met up with peter. we went to see the departed. it was excellent. then we went to buffy. dan got me a birthay muffin with happy birthay on it. so sweet. hes such a nice guy. watched some good buffy. we went back to my place and went to bed.

the other thing going on yesteray was my computer. gary came by again and tried with no luck. then my computers power supply is on its way out. so peter has been gutting it an putting the parts i want into my moms desktop she gave me a few months ago. having some trouble but hopefully itll be up an working soon and will get internet. i am really wishing i ha the cash for teh laptop i want to buy. ditch all these other computers. my ipod is soon not going to be big enough either. dammit. i need one bigger than 4. its almost full. but i cant even afford to get a halloween costume. i cant even afford to pay my bills.

in better news gary got me a good deal on my comcast. free install and only 69 a month for tv an internet. yay.
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ok ive decided im impatient about getting my laptop. i know which one i want, id only have to pay 44/month. but they wouldnt finance me cuz they are bastards. so now my goal is to find someone to cosign for me. i want a laptop. i can pay the payments. itd be good for school and many other things. so this is my new goal.
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so no luck so far on the hard drive. but i did get the new 160 gig hard drive for 40 bucks. dodger picked it up for me. i did errands and then met mikey and he is here for the night.
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alright, im annoyed. im not going to hide it.

yesterday sucked in many ways and so did today. lets start with today actually.

i saw my mother. we went and saw capote. it was amazing. very well done. phillipe seymore hoffman is an excellent actor in everything he is in. after that mom and i went to dinner at the macaroni grill. i wont even go into details. the whole thing was a nightmare. shes such a bitch. i nearly spit in her face during the meal.

anyways, yesterday brenton came over. we hung out then we went to sharis for food. after that we went to the krispy kreme. things were going fine. stopped by dodgers wife's house to get his cat. she got mad. they got in a huge fight. i was hiding in the car while they stood outside screaming at each other. i dont deal with confrontation well and i dont deal with yelling well at all. i was pretty shook up afterwards. dodger sat in the car while we were driving with his hand reached to the back seat and on my leg. i liked that he was holding on to me. we stopped at the toys r us. yay! he got me a new bratz doll. shes so pretty. shes a gothy one. they did a fairly good job. looks like someone that would go to hive. hehehe.

we all went back to my place. brenton worked on my computer more. i dont know what happened. but now my hard drive doesnt work. i dont een know if ill be able to get anything off of it. this is very upsetting to me for many reasons. the most important is that all of my pictures from the last few years are in a folder on there and they dont exsist anywhere else. yeah i know, i shoulda backed them up. but i didnt. and now they might be gone. thats really fucked up. so then my little 20 gig drive that was sposed to be extra space is now my only drive. brenton installed windows on it and a bunch of other stuff i needed or wanted like photo shop and itunes. and im here back on my computer. also brenton accidentally deleted all my music off my ipod so i lost all that too. dammit.

before i go searching around online for something i cant really afford, does anyone have an extra hard drive i could have? if you do let me know! i could even throw a little cash your way. i just cant afford to drop too much cash on something like this that i wasnt expecting to deal with. fucking computers.
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fucking worm on my computer. piece of shit mother fucker.
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i was disappointed in myself today. i embarrassed myself in class. i was the only one who wouldnt dive into the pool. i was never good at diving. i used to do it all the time, but its been ten years and i chickened out. i feel like a moron.

met with a photographer today. have a shoot sunday at 1pm. should be fine.

yesterday was a mixed bag. i got up, got ready to go to auroras. was running late. picked up my phone while sitting at the bus stop and started to call and let her know i was gonna be a little late. phone had been shut off. went back to my place and had discussions with dodger about phone. left. got downtown as fast as possible. aurora didnt answer when i called from the buzzer downstairs. left a messege. went to the bank. went and paid the phone bill. gawd. ive given them over 500 this month alone. this is bullshit. went back. aurora still wasnt there. left another messege. guessing she left without me. that or she flaked beforehand and i didnt know. havent heard back from her. called will who i had plans with for later. met up with him at wunderland. played games. bug bash spit out like 300-400 tickets and the people let me keep them. i got a bunch of little stuffed animal keychains out of the claw machines. got some other stuff with my tickets. had a good time. will is fun. we went to get some food. he has a good sense of humor, amusing guy. hehe. dropped me at the max. i came home and hung out.

still having trouble with my computer. have to find and reinstall drivers so my sound works and my task manager still cant be brought up. anyone know what thats about?
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des anyone have a kvm switch i can have/borrow?
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computer is back up. im installing the essentials and will do the rest of the installs tomorrow. lost a couple random things out of the pix folder for no apparent reason and taht annoys me.
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well my fucking computer is being completely unworkable so it is getting wiped clean and reinstalled. dammit. working on getting everything i want to keep into the other drive so i can keep the things i care about. namely my pictures folder. if i lose the movies its not a huge deal. but im putting them in there for safe keeping anyways. man i need a dvd burner. so i wont really be online the rest of tonight but im hoping to get this done tonight. *sigh*
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well, i must spread the word. everyone should download or go listen to richard cheese. he does bad lounge covers of songs. like everything from metalica to nirvana to britney spears. yeah. its so fucking funny. everyone go listen.

in other news im a big dork. im trying to get sims 2 working on my computer and i am hopeless.

jess is staying with me this weekend while he works security at kumoricon. cool cool.

club on sunday. people should come.

seeing my mom on monday. *sigh*


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