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fred had adventures last night. i was so scared. i could hear her meowing but i couldnt find her. we were looking everywhere. then it turns out she got outside on the deck and onto the neighbors roof! shes an indoor kitty. she has no collar cuz she wont wear one. i dont think shes chipped. and shes not prepared to be outdoors. my poor baby. making her muffled meows from the cold outdoors.
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well i got my new hammy. a girl, only a few months old. named her lyra after a character in some books dodger is reading me right now. shes very cute. still skiddish a bit and not ready to be held. also not ready for pictures but ill post some when i get them. she is dark grey and white. very small. pickier about her food than the last hamster, also a lot more active cuz shes young. and she doesnt seem to be into her bed fluff. likes to sleep in the corner all curled up and cute. yay. i like her. i think that she will like me too.

been workling on getting the bedroom clean. its an exhausting task. more than one days work. tomorrow i see my mom for her bday, which is monday, and for a goodbye since shes leaving for mexico for 3 weeks on tuesday.

dodger is leaving tuesday aswell. he is flying down to sf for a job interview. so wish him luck! this would be a good thing for him. fred is doing well. we are aquainting her with her harness in hopes of getting her able to be walked. hehe. silliness.
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my kitty likes star trek. yay!
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napped after school. got up. the internet was down again, the tv picture fuzzy. im paying for this? fuck that. they are comming tomorrow to look at it. but of course while i was talking to them the internet came back on and the picture went clear. why does that always happen.

when i was making my dinner fred got up on the counter next to the hamster cage. she sniffed at einstien. he sniffed at her. she didnt try to hurt him. they just sniffed each other face to face through the bars. it was so cute.

and as soon as i went to post this the internet was down again...dammit!
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well the internet got turned back on today. kfkvfkvlv/n.b ,kcxhkdcloyp6l,.b v v,jckgfkfjdsmf;f. that was freds part of the post. she is a kitty cat and she type type types and she type type types. anyways. checked my bank account and im way overdrawn. dammit. just what i fucking need.

last night my mom took me o mccormick and shmicks. spellling be damned. it was good. then we went to the lion king. really good seats. fucking amazing production. loved it.

ive been really depressed lately. i dunno why.
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i feel i need to be extra nice to fred right now. shes sad about sharing my attention with the hamster i think and shes upset i wont let her eat him.
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gato negro gato negro

yes i did this to my cat. please dont kill me.

please bake cat at 350 degrees or until golden brown. i cant decide if it looks like im baking her or growing her. hopefully those plants werent going to bloom anyways.


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