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new cage

lyrra enjoying it

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around 230am fred located one missing fuzzy rodent. she was, after some effort, caught and found to be unharmed and surprisingly clean. she seems to enjoy the new home and has spent all night and morning reorganizing.

now im off to fail a test.
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im depressed and bored. and i still cant find my hamster. i got her a great new cage with peters help but no hammy in sight.

saw my brother devin tonight. that was nice. he gave me a 50 gift card to hot topic. so that should be fun.

last night after the party i was totally crashing into the worst depression. but peter let me go home with him and cuddled me. and i was on the verge of tears the whole time but i could only stand it cuz of him. hes a good guy.


i havent thrown a party since i was 19. about a dozen people showed up. we sat around talking and playing with my playmobile pirate ship. everyone was geeking out with each other and it was great. and candy made a wonderful cake. id like to thank everyone who attended. it was really fun.
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well i got my new hammy. a girl, only a few months old. named her lyra after a character in some books dodger is reading me right now. shes very cute. still skiddish a bit and not ready to be held. also not ready for pictures but ill post some when i get them. she is dark grey and white. very small. pickier about her food than the last hamster, also a lot more active cuz shes young. and she doesnt seem to be into her bed fluff. likes to sleep in the corner all curled up and cute. yay. i like her. i think that she will like me too.

been workling on getting the bedroom clean. its an exhausting task. more than one days work. tomorrow i see my mom for her bday, which is monday, and for a goodbye since shes leaving for mexico for 3 weeks on tuesday.

dodger is leaving tuesday aswell. he is flying down to sf for a job interview. so wish him luck! this would be a good thing for him. fred is doing well. we are aquainting her with her harness in hopes of getting her able to be walked. hehe. silliness.
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my hamster died this morning. im very sad about this. he was a very sweet cuddly guy. his name was einstien. he was very old. he was a rescue. i gave him a nice home to spend his old age in. i knew he was old, had cataracts and stuff. but i didnt know hed go so soon. i screamed when i saw him cuz the ants were crawling all over him. poor little hammy. i loved the little guy.
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i feel i need to be extra nice to fred right now. shes sad about sharing my attention with the hamster i think and shes upset i wont let her eat him.
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yay hamster

cute lil thing didnt feel photogenic.

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at dodgers suggestion ive named the lil hamster einstein. he doesnt necessarily share his intelligence but he does rock that einstein hair style. pix in a sec.
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cable internet/tv back on. working on moving into a two bedroom with jess. met drjeff today. he was nice enough to donate a hamster cage and various related stuff and i went to the petco and adopted a hamster that needed rescuing. hes cute and has long shaggy hair. hes in his cage all happy. havent names him yet. pictures of him and my new hair soon. saw will today (lokidecat). he looked tired. everyong was tired today. im excited about my hamster. yay!
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im getting a hamster. hooray!


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