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well today started out really shitty. had to get up before i wanted to. was picked up for a shoot. taken out to somewhere where i hjad no clue where i was to this guys house. he kept touching me. my first tip off that this guy was no good was that he kept comming up and physically posing me. you dont touch a model without asking. then he said he was too hot and took his pants off. so he was in his boxers with his dick hanging out of the bottom of them and hes like straddling me to get some of the shots and hes touching me all over and yanking me around and he had little spots of precum on his boxers and he was lookin at me funny. and he made me do really trashy poses. and i was afraid. so i didnt protest any of this and i should have. then he dumped oil on my crotch and rubbed it in without even fucking asking me. and i was so sure at that point, though id suspected before, that he was going to rape me, that the oil was just the beginning like with that other guy. but he didnt. i made it very clear after that that i wanted to leave.the whole time he was shooting i was thinking i hate you i hate you i hate you. and i put no effort in, i gave him no help. you can totally tell wheni dont want to do a shoot. i did the poses he made me do and offered up nothing more. he takes shitty pictures anyways. he took me home. thankfully. and i felt so dirty and wrong and horrible and i wanted dodger to be there when i got home but he wasnt.

john picked me up and we went to pcc to drop off my appeal to get my financial aid back. then we went to see walk the line. it was good. then i came home.

dodger had me open my presents tonight. he says he still has to get me the furby. but he got me a pirate playmobile and a pink leather ipod case to protect it and a zoo tycoon 2 endangered species expansion pack. yay. i want to build a zoo with deadly drop bears in it. im excited. and i set up my pirate and his maps and stuff and i put the case on my snazzy ipod. yay. i had him open his green lantern shirt and his hickory farms gift set. yay.

then jess brought his new friend kimber over and we all four played poker for a while, then we switched to pictionary. dodger and i kicked their asses. and dodger did a lovely sketch representation of communism. haha. then we all started drawing random pictures and having the rest of us guess them. then she went home and dodger went to bed. im headed that was soon as well. have a shoot tomorrow night. and possible movie with mom saturday and lunch with dad and brothers sunday and another shoot sunday. *sigh*
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the smell of tarragon always reminds me of my mothers cooking...

ive been cooking the last couple days. yes me. being domestic. dont all laugh at once.

not a lot going on the last couple days. jess went home and then left for san diego. i didnt get to see him much at all. that sucked. and i feel bad for him, he was working far more than he should have been at kumoricon.

saw leanne on sunday. went to hive with dodger. next week is drag night at hive. boys and girls should come in drag. you should consider going if you havent planned on it. even ill have a mustach and stuff. and dodger will be all done up. teehee.

my new kitty boots that im totally in love with have broken zippers so i need to take them back to the store. that really sucks. i really wanted kitty boots. dammit. makes me sad.

last night i got a migrain. i ended up in so much pain and all sick to my tummy. i was puking and feeling overheated though i wasnt and shaking and wiggling around all in pain. dodger was really good to me. and he tried to give me hot cocoa with asprin in it but i didnt drink much of it cuz of my tummy and it tasting bad. i felt better around noon or so and finally slept.

im also noticing that the patch effects me in a way that i hate. i love having the birth control. its easy, it works. but the hormons actually make it so i pms, which i previously didnt do. id always thought the concept was bullshit and laughed about it. im not laughing anymore. it totally sucks.
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well, i must spread the word. everyone should download or go listen to richard cheese. he does bad lounge covers of songs. like everything from metalica to nirvana to britney spears. yeah. its so fucking funny. everyone go listen.

in other news im a big dork. im trying to get sims 2 working on my computer and i am hopeless.

jess is staying with me this weekend while he works security at kumoricon. cool cool.

club on sunday. people should come.

seeing my mom on monday. *sigh*
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well today didnt do much. went out for a short while. came back. takled to dodger. then lucas brought over my microwave. and we went to the store so i could get some stuff. then we went to pizzacoto or however you spell it. had dinner. then he left. now im here again in front of my computer. talking to dodger.

last night i dont think i mentioned i hung out with jess. we got pizza and hung out. had a good time. he was nice enough to give me a backrub aswell. hes a good guy. i miss having him in town.


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