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dear santa~

this year i would like:

-vektor skirt from
-nerdrotica shirt from
-sp logo shirt from
-black coffee of doom shirt from
-devils panties shirt from
-get fuzzy family together baseball jersey form the get fuzzy site
-cellion top from
-sp mini skirt from
-siberia long coat from
-buffy chosen collection
-city lights shirt from
-Home Is Where The Heart Is shirt from

i wish my mom shopped online so i could ask her for these things. i asked her for more expensive stuff like a camera and an ipod though.
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it was hard to leave dodger on xmas eve. even my mom felt bad about it. she gave him a gift...a paddle with a ball attached. mom and i watched some holiday movies and ate some snacky foods. we opened a couple gifts. then in the morning we opened the rest of the presents. my mom loved her linen place mats and napkins and she was very happily surprised by the dvd player i got her. she made breakfast. we talked to the relatives on the phone. we snacked on foods and made some cookies. then we watched a movie while she cooked teh ham and stuff. then we finished making cookies and she took me home. it was a really nice xmas. mom also got a juggling kit for dodger. what is her deal with juggling?

last night dodger and i went downtown and found that hive wasnt going on. that sucked. today i went to do some after xmas shopping. didnt get much. came home. had some hard times with dodger tonight but i think we are alright.

ok, so here is a list of the stuff i got for xmas. mikey posted his so that gives me permission right?

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well kiddies, im off to my moms for xmas. try not to miss me too much. love you all, and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

i hurt my wrist and i dunno how. dammit.

and leanne, thanks for the card, got it today.

ill be back tomorrow night. bye!
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well dodger and i went out to washington square today. we went around and finally at toys r us (which is a pain in the ass to get to without a car) he got me one o the last two furbys in the store, 3 days before xmas. yay! we win! its black and white like fredward. i dont know if it likes me. it says im no fun. but i like it. heehee. he also got me a othello game. and i got a law and order game. my back and neck and feet were killing me by the time we got back to the bus mall at washington square. the bus never fucking came. the last bus. so a half hour later we took another bus and managed to take another one and get home. ive been playing with my fuby, watching tv. still need to try my law and order game.

tomorrow saturday market, photo shot, posing for a drawing group. saturday dodger and i see jim and then i see my mom in the evening and stay over making cookies. sunday there will be movies phone calls and presents and food.
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so im annoyed at something im seeing as a growing trend of the holidays. commercials for stores advertising gift cards. saying to people "oh no, dont bother putting any effort or thought into giving gifts to the people you love. just get them a gift card so they can get something they actually want. it shows you care enough to spend two minutes on their gift, instead of taking the time to think about something thoughtfull." when did we get this lazy and thoughtless? its appauling.

my friend from school, glitterophelia, was kind enough to bring me an extra fake tree she had. so now i have a tree! ive never had a fake tree before. its not as bad as it could be. im happy to have a tree. im working on shaping the branches a bit more before i put the lights on.

addressed all my xmas cards to send them out in the morning. wish id done it sooner.

i have a few left, so if you comment here with your address i will screen comments and send you a card!

well on saturday i helped my mom shop for the foster kids. and saw rent. which was excellent. have i posted about this already? sunday i went and saw my dad on hawthorne. my brothers were sposed to come but couldnt. it was good to see him. then the freezing rain started. it was cool to watch. and it snowed too. i shoulda gone home after that but i decided to do the shoot i had planned with john. went to buffalo exchange while i waited for him to come get me. got some great clothes. a cool skirt, a 60s dress that looks great on me, a striped sweater, and a corsety thingy. the skirt was the only thing over 10 bucks. i was happy. then john and i went to his place and did the shoot. he couldnt drive me home cuz he didnt have snow tires or anything. tried to catch the bus but it never came. went to get some pad thai and call a cab, couldnt get through. watched about a boy at his place and soaked my feet in a tub of hot water. tried the cab companies repeatedly. started all this about 6. got a hold of a cab around 1130pm. but right after that i got a ride from dodgers friend john. so i canceleed the cab. john picked me up and drove me home, stopped at the store, then he hung out with us and i stayed up and talked to him and watched foamy the squirrel stuff with him. dodger had gone to bed during star wars 3. then john crashed in the living room and i went to join dodger in bed. they had stuff to work on the next day. which they did. while i worked on my zoo. and i watched movies and tv. and we all went to burger king and then i mailed my present to my nana.

today, besides the arrival of my tree, i watched some star trek, addressed cards, and im going to try and get my moms presents wrapped and stick them under my tree. fred is enjoying laying under the tree.

tomorrow ill go run errands and then go see my dad. hes gonna trim my hair, put a red celophane dye on it, and give me a bunch of hair products. yay.

thursday im going with dodger to see jim. friday night im posing for a drawing group, im nervous about it. saturday night im going to my moms and making cookies and staying the night so that xmas we can do presents and movies and xmas music and food and calls to the relatives. yay.

what is everyone doing for the holidays?
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well today started out really shitty. had to get up before i wanted to. was picked up for a shoot. taken out to somewhere where i hjad no clue where i was to this guys house. he kept touching me. my first tip off that this guy was no good was that he kept comming up and physically posing me. you dont touch a model without asking. then he said he was too hot and took his pants off. so he was in his boxers with his dick hanging out of the bottom of them and hes like straddling me to get some of the shots and hes touching me all over and yanking me around and he had little spots of precum on his boxers and he was lookin at me funny. and he made me do really trashy poses. and i was afraid. so i didnt protest any of this and i should have. then he dumped oil on my crotch and rubbed it in without even fucking asking me. and i was so sure at that point, though id suspected before, that he was going to rape me, that the oil was just the beginning like with that other guy. but he didnt. i made it very clear after that that i wanted to leave.the whole time he was shooting i was thinking i hate you i hate you i hate you. and i put no effort in, i gave him no help. you can totally tell wheni dont want to do a shoot. i did the poses he made me do and offered up nothing more. he takes shitty pictures anyways. he took me home. thankfully. and i felt so dirty and wrong and horrible and i wanted dodger to be there when i got home but he wasnt.

john picked me up and we went to pcc to drop off my appeal to get my financial aid back. then we went to see walk the line. it was good. then i came home.

dodger had me open my presents tonight. he says he still has to get me the furby. but he got me a pirate playmobile and a pink leather ipod case to protect it and a zoo tycoon 2 endangered species expansion pack. yay. i want to build a zoo with deadly drop bears in it. im excited. and i set up my pirate and his maps and stuff and i put the case on my snazzy ipod. yay. i had him open his green lantern shirt and his hickory farms gift set. yay.

then jess brought his new friend kimber over and we all four played poker for a while, then we switched to pictionary. dodger and i kicked their asses. and dodger did a lovely sketch representation of communism. haha. then we all started drawing random pictures and having the rest of us guess them. then she went home and dodger went to bed. im headed that was soon as well. have a shoot tomorrow night. and possible movie with mom saturday and lunch with dad and brothers sunday and another shoot sunday. *sigh*
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i think my final went alright. talked to one of my classmates for a while after class. shes really cool.

met john, picked up the pictures, ate lunch, went to sharper image, went to sparticus and got the liquid latex. went to his place. made the christmas cards. then we did the first part of the shoot in the bathroom. the second part we painted me with liquid latex, made a bikini bathing suit. it was fun. took some pictures. wouldnt want to wear taht stuff very long, not too comfy. then i went to take it off. ouch! one of the most painful things ive ever felt. it only hurt taking off my chest. not enough lotion on that area i guess. that sucked.

went to fred meyer to pick up some bows for xmas wrapping stuff. stopped by the burger king then came home.
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saw narnia saturday. i was really good.

have my final in a few hours. hope it goes ok. and then ill sell my books back and go meet john for a shoot and some xmas card making.

have to save up 100 bucks for school books. have to see what happens to my gpa after this bad term, cuz i might not be able to get into the school i was going to apply to for next year. need to save up to apply to a few schools. *sigh*
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well ive been doing photo shoots and finishing up fall term at school. i made a new friend online and met him on tuesday. his name is kevin. real nice guy. we hung out and didnt do a hell of a lot. he helped me with some xmas shopping.

yesterday brent and i went out and did the rest of my xmas shopping. id say im done. might pick up another thing or two, but the cash is very much not there anymore. i allotted myself an amount for xmas shopping and i think ive spent it. and i did a nice job this year. tonight took the pix to make an xmas card, gonna make those and send them out.

for a few days i had a sore throat, i was feeling kinda icky yesterday. and by the end of it i was sore and cold and my tummy hurt. so i didnt eat much yesterday. then i went to sleep for a long time. woke up in horrible pain. my tummy was very much not happy. i threw up, went back to bed, then got up after a bit and threw up again. this hasnt happened for a while. i was sick from not eating enough. it wasnt going to go away until i ate, which is hard when im that sick. im still weak and stuff but im feeling bette.r dodger tok good care of me. and fred stayed there in the bed and watched over me like a good mama cat. she must think im such a dumb kitten. dumb, huge, hairless kitten.

i also fixed my schooling problem. i found some online classes i can take. i had never considered taking these classes before but i think they will be usefull. i signed up for an html class, a webpage making class using dreamweaver, and a photoshop class. so i will be in school, at least doing online classes, next term after all. yay. now i just have to get my therapist to write a letter so i can get my financial aid back.


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